"El Viaje" (The Trip) Installation

El Viaje

One of the most dynamic criminal markets in Mexico is that of illegal timber, and in the northern state of Chihuahua there is an alarm that drug trafficking organizations are taking control of the business (InSight Crime. Deborah Bonello - January 10, 2019) "El Viaje" (The Trip) is a term used by local workers in the towns of the western Sierra Madre of the state of Chihuahua, to refer to the route logging trucks take (more trips = more money). The installation is a comment on the corrupt system of illegal logging due to Cartels. The series of elements that make up the installation connote ideas such as death (the rope), the process of dragging logs to transport them (the rope), the component/element of the architecture of homes in rural communities (the brick of adobe), the lamps normally used at night in the camp to cut down trees, and finally the focus and centerpiece representing the human element that appears destroyed and damaged (charcoal drawing on wood) The faces represent harmony and tranquility, which It is interrupted by destruction and violence.

The installation in general represents an environment where the worker performs the activities of cutting trees; an activity that has been interrupted by drug trafficking and that has been having a socioeconomic and ecological impact for many years.